UltraSonic Cleaning of Parts / Rust Inhibiting

UltraSonic Cleaning of Parts Rust Inhibiting

Ultrasonic Cleaning & Rust Inhibiting from Elite Turning & Machining

Ultrasonic cleaning is an integral part of the machining world, and Elite Turning & Machining has several high-end ultrasonic cleaning machines, parts washers, and other methods at our disposal to ensure our customers’ parts are clean and entirely rust-free. One of our most important tools is our Reverse Osmosis Deionization (RODI) water system that ensures all the water and cleaning solutions we use for our parts cleaning are completely free of contaminants. Some of our cleaning machines have built-in rust inhibitors for all necessary applications.

How Does Ultrasonic Cleaning Work?

Ultrasonic cleaning technology has been a tremendous boon to the machining industry, allowing the team at Elite Turning & Machining to completely clean even the smallest turned parts completely, including the hard-to-reach and hard-to-see areas that are almost impossible to manually clean.

Ultrasonic Cleaning & Rust Inhibiting Protects Delicate Components

An ultrasonic cleaning machine uses ultrasound, typically between 20 and 40 kHz, to gently agitate a cleaning solution or distilled water. Depending on the size and type of object the machine is cleaning, an ultrasonic cleaning process can take anywhere from three to 20 minutes. Different types of cleaning solutions work best for different types of materials.

At Elite Turning & Machining, our team has extensive experience with all forms of ultrasonic cleaning and rust inhibition for all types of parts made from all types of materials. If you rely on us for your ultrasonic cleaning and rust inhibition procedures, you can rest assured we will use the appropriate solution and technique for your order.

Ultrasonic cleaning is ideal for all types of parts, including:

  • Jewelry and jewelry components.
  • Watch and clock parts.
  • Small automotive parts.
  • Firearm components.
  • Dental and medical instruments.
  • Turned components.
  • High-precision parts.
  • Optical device components.
  • Electronic device components.

Once we introduce the part to be cleaned into our ultrasonic cleaning machine, the ultrasound waves agitate the liquid and produce forces that remove contaminants adhered to the part. The cleaning solution can penetrate into fine recesses, cracks, blind holes, and the entire surface of the part, including those you cannot possibly reach with manual cleaning tools. The cleaning solution also prevents damage to the part; it will not scratch, scuff, erode, or corrode the part.

Ultrasonic cleaning is ideal for removing rust, grease, fungus, bacteria, lime scale, algae, dust, dirt, oil, bodily fluids, and all manner of other possible contaminants. This process is perfect for oddly shaped or unconventional parts and even some assemblies that may remain intact without impeding the cleaning process.  We can take this process a step further with ultrasonic rust inhibitor, a specialized solution injected into the ultrasonic cleaning device to protect the cleaned part from rusting for a very long time.