Deburring / Finishing Process

Deburring / Finishing Process

Deburring & Finishing Processes for Complex Pieces

Elite Turning & Machining has extensive experience providing our customers in the Rochester area and beyond with finely crafted parts using a variety of turning, milling, and finishing techniques. Many of our customers need parts with incredibly smooth surfaces, and we can provide deburring and finishing processes for the most complex parts we produce. No matter what type of part you need or what kind of application you have in mind for the parts you order from Elite Turning & Machining, our team will ensure your finished parts meet your exact standards for quality and performance.

Find Experienced Deburring & Finishing with Elite Turning & Machining

Our deburring process can involve a number of techniques like sandblasting and turning to smooth a part’s surface to your exact specifications. Deburring essentially describes smoothing a part, removing rough edges and ridges that might interfere with the part’s performance. When we turn and mill parts for our customers, the tools we use often leave behind burs or sharp ridges that are not part of the customers’ original designs. Our deburring processes are one of the finishing services we perform to make sure every part we produce meets our customers’ quality and performance standards.

Deburring is also necessary to protect our workers and everyone else who handles a machined part. Finely turned and milled parts may have incredibly sharp ridges and burs that can cause severe cuts while being invisible to the naked eye. Our deburring process is designed to ensure that every part we produce is free of hazardous burs and ridges while meeting all design criteria.


Virtually every workpiece produced in a machine shop will require some type of finishing to ensure the workpiece meets the customer’s needs. Whether it’s smoothing a drilled hole, polishing a metal surface to a mirror finish, or creating the right texture on a turned part for it to accept powder coating, plating, or paint, we can handle it. Our machine shop has various tools designed for complex and precise finishing processes, and we strive to ensure every order meets our customers’ exact specifications.

Elite Turning & Machining offers an extensive variety of machining services for all types of materials, from various grades of stainless steel to composite alloys and plastics like Delrin and nylon. Our dedicated deburring and finishing teams help to ensure every part we produce helps our customers achieve their prototyping and production goals. We serve customers across various industries and have earned a reputation as the leading parts supplier in the Rochester area thanks to our philosophy of putting the highest quality work into everything we do to ensure the highest quality finished products.