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Heat Treating Plating

Heat Treating & Plating Processes Meets Your Exact Specifications

Elite Turning & Machining works closely with a variety of vendors to ensure every part we produce is a complete to print part. Our engineering team will meet with your design team to understand your performance and quality requirements, the ultimate application for the parts you request from us, and the treatments and processes required to bring your vision to reality.

Over the years, Elite Turning & Machining has formed valuable relationships with various trustworthy business partners who help us provided complete to print parts for our customers. Our trusted vendors provide heat treating and plating processes help to ensure every part we create for you meets your exact specifications.

Heat Treating & Plating Services from Elite Turning & Machining

At Elite Turning & Machining, the trusted vendors we work with offer a variety of heat treating and plating services, including:

  • Some of the parts we produce require additional treatment to perform up to customers’ standards. Carbonitriding is a metallurgical process that alters the surface structure of a metal part, increasing its surface hardness and minimizing the effects of wear on the part over time.

  • Also called case hardening, this process is a heat treatment in which steel or iron absorbs into carbon when carbon-bearing material such as charcoal is introduced to the metal during heating. This makes the metal harder while maintaining the strength of the metal’s core.
  • Gaseous-Nitrocarburizing. Formally known as Ferritic-Nitrocarburizing, this process is a variation of the nitriding process. Nitrogen, carbon, and a small amount of oxygen atoms bond to the treated surface and form a diffusion layer. This process takes advantage of the ferritic phase of various ferrous alloys when they experience extreme heat, providing the treated part with corrosion resistance and scuffing resistance while minimally distorting the shape of the part.
  • Gas Nitriding. This is a surface hardening process that uses dissociated ammonia to apply nitrogen to the surface of steel parts. This process results in a very hard coating over the part at a relatively low temperature, meaning there is no need for a quenching process to finish the procedure.

These are just a few of the heating treatment and plating techniques available from the vendors who work with Elite Turning & Machining. Our engineering team will work closely with you and our vendors to determine your goals for your parts and components and determine which of these procedures is best suited for your needs. We’re confident in our ability to provide the highest quality heat-treated and plated parts to your exact specifications for any size job.