How Does Sandblasting Work?

Elite Turning & Machining offers customers a variety of machining services to ensure their products meet the highest standards of performance and quality. Our abrasive blasting processes, also known as sandblasting, play an integral role in many of our customers’ prototyping and finishing processes. Sandblasting requires careful use of abrasive blasting equipment and close attention to detail. Our engineering team will work closely with your design team to understand your goals and expectations for every sandblasting project we complete for you.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance with Our Sandblasting Process

Sandblasting is a relatively straightforward procedure. Our sandblasting device uses compressed air to propel an intensely powerful stream of abrasive material, typically sand. At Elite Turning & Machining, we can provide various types of abrasive blasting, including sand, ceramic, metal shot, glass bead, aluminum oxide, and various other abrasive materials for specific uses. Some types of abrasive blasting projects require different abrasive materials, and this process can be tuned to perform different functions:

  • Sandblasting is ideal for smoothing rough surfaces, helping polish turned parts to nearly mirror finishes and preparing them for painting or coating. This type of sandblasting is ideal for certain types of medical and dental instruments, automotive parts, and electronic device components that require precise measurements and impeccably smooth surfaces.

  • Sandblasting is also useful for roughening smooth surfaces to provide them with grit and texture. Some parts require rough surfaces to perform correctly. This type of sandblasting is ideal for parts like pump and valve enclosures and parts that require specialized coating. The roughened surface ensures the coating adheres completely to the part without rubbing off or eroding over time.
  • We can also use sandblasting to remove surface contaminants from some materials without harming the materials themselves. For example, glass beads mixed with water can remove old paint and other contaminants completely while minimizing dust.

At Elite Turning & Machining, we have two different styles of sandblasting machines at our disposal: high-end hand cabinet style blasting machines and two different sizes of tumble blasters for material removal and finishing machined parts. We can handle almost any size sandblasting order and perform the necessary type of abrasive blasting for the results you expect.

Blasting cabinets allow our operators to view the part while recycling the blasting material, ensuring complete accuracy and a finished blasting job that meets your expectations 100%. When you choose Elite Turning & Machining as your parts supplier, our engineering team will work closely with you to understand every aspect of your project.

We will use every tool at our disposal to ensure your order is on time and completely accurate. Many of our customers require sandblasting to ensure their parts meet specific regulatory and compliance requirements and perform to their expected standards. Elite Turning & Machining can provide expert sandblasting work in a timely and cost-effective manner to help you cut your manufacturing costs.