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About Elite Turning & Machining

Elite Turning & Machining has over 30 years experience in the turning & machining business. Our customers demand the best quality parts and we deliver that level of service.

Elite Turning & Machining is proud to be Rochester’s top choice for turning and machining. From short run productions to large volume manufacturing, we can help. We have experience helping customers across several industries with their machining needs, providing top quality parts to customers who accept nothing less than the absolute best. If your business needs a parts supplier with the tools, skills, and experience to deliver the highest quality parts on a consistent basis, make Elite Turning & Machining your parts supplier today.

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Industries Served



Elite Turning & Machining provides a variety of machining services using a wide range of materials to customers in all industries. See what our customers come to us for.

Industries Served

Elite Turning & Machining is the leading parts supplier in the Rochester area producing only the highest quality finished products. We have served customers across various industries.


Browse Elite Turning & Machining’s gallery of past projects so you can better understand the attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into every project we complete.

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The Elite Commitment

The Elite Commitment

The team at Elite Turning & Machining works closely with every customer to ensure we deliver parts of the highest quality to the customer’s exact specifications. Our engineering staff will work closely with your design team to make components that meet all specifcations.

We carefully review all your production materials to make sure every part we produce for your company meets and exceeds your every expectation. When you choose Elite Turning & Machining as your parts supplier, you can rest assured that our engineers will collaborate closely with your company to provide expertly crafted parts down to the most minute details. We use a wide variety of cutting-edge equipment and techniques to deliver pristinely machined parts for countless applications.

Our Services

Elite Turning & Machining provides a variety of machining services to customers in all industries. Our customers come to us for:

Ultra Sonic Cleaning of parts / Rust Inhibiting
Deburring / Finishing process
Swiss Style Machining
Sand Blasting
CNC Turning
And More…
Since our company’s founding, our primary goal has been to provide our customers with expertly machined components for their products. Our team is not only extensively experienced in providing a wide variety of parts used in countless different applications, but we also understand the value of customer service and timely delivery on every order.


We hold a total commitment to 100% customer satisfaction with every order and will spend the time necessary to ensure we deliver the highest possible quality with every part we produce for your organization.

Elite Turning & Machining has experience working with all types of materials, and we are experts in casting machining and near net technologies. Our team is capable of working to tolerances of .0002”, ensuring your finished parts are completely faithful to your designs. The Elite Edge is our promise to be your number one supplier, producing parts to your exact specifications from start to finish.


fast response times

Elite Turning & Machining promises rapid response times to all customer inquiries for every project. You can rest assured knowing you will have fast response times for all issues you encounter with every project we handle for your business-critical operations.

quick turn around

With Elite Turning & Machining, you get the best of both worlds with high-quality finished parts and a quick turnaround time. Elite Turning & Machining will ensure your parts order is completed on time and in full so you won’t need to worry about unnecessary delays.